About the Colonel Light Gardens Residents’ Association

The Colonel Light Gardens Residents Association was founded in 1974 before the administration of the suburb was transferred from The Garden Suburb Commissioner to the Mitcham City Council.

Residents were concerned that the transfer may include changes to the zoning classification and the destruction of the ‘one block, one house’ principle. Efforts by the Association resulted in the R1 zoning for the suburb and the maintenance of the low density amenity that we enjoy today.

Further attempts were made by Mitcham Council to change regulations to ‘soften’ the impact of the R1 zoning but a Conservation Study initiated by the Association eventually saw the suburb placed on the Register of the National Estate in October 1999 and obtaining further protection by being placed on the State Heritage List in 2000.

Mitcham Council initiated the Colonel Light Gardens Conservation Land Management Plan which it adopted in 2005. This extensive study and document was accepted unanimously by Council and remains the principle guide for the development of the suburb.

In 2009 a joint submission by the Association, the CLG Historical Society and the City of Mitcham was submitted to have the suburb placed on the National Heritage List was unsuccessful.

The Association continues to operate under its Constitution which sets out the aims and objectives as:

      1. To be concerned with the physical development and environment of Colonel Light Gardens
      2. To protect the residential amenity within the suburb of Colonel Light Gardens
      3. To discuss, and at its discretion, represent views and interests of residents

The Association is governed by its Constitution and administered by a Committee elected at an Annual General Meeting usually in March. Every position is declared vacant and a new committee is elected usually by nomination. If there is more than one person nominated for a position, an election is held on the votes of those present. While anyone may be a member of the Association, only residents of Colonel Light Gardens may serve on the Association Committee.